Financial Help

You may be eligible for financial support towards your studies at Stow College, depending on your mode of study and personal circumstances.

Full-time Students

Full-time students may be eligible to apply for financial assistance from various sources depending on the level of course being studied. Students on National Certificate, National Qualification, Access and Pathways courses may qualify for a College Bursary.

Certain students between the age of 16 and 19 may also be entitled to the Educational Maintenance Allowance. For more information see the documents below or alternatively, visit

Students who enrol on to Higher National Certificate or Higher National Diploma courses may be eligible to apply to the Students Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) to have their tuition fees paid.  Support for living costs for students studying in Scotland will be provided mainly through a student loan. In some circumstances. students may also be entitled to a Bursary if under 25 years old. Certain students may also be eligible for supplementary grants. For more information on eligibility criteria, please visit

Part-time Students

It may be possible for those who are in receipt of benefits to study on a part-time basis, up to a maximum of 16 hours per week.  Tuition fees for these courses may be waived for eligible students. We would advise that you check your eligibility, to continue receiving benefits whilst studying, in advance with your Local Jobcentre Plus Office.

In addition, Learner Services may be able to help you pay for travel and the costs of essential course equipment.

All Students

Eligible students who are struggling financially may also apply to receive support from the College discretionary funds. Students who are experiencing financial hardship can apply to the College for assistance with living costs, rent, childcare or to help with debt re-payments. 

An Online Student Calculator is also available to help current or prospective students work out how much money the will have and how much they will need.  You can find this by visiting Student Calculator.


If you have any queries regarding funding your learning, the Learner Services team would be happy to help. Please contact us on 0844 249 8585 or e-mail

Additionally the document below will give you some general information on Funding.