Supported Employment Practice: PDA

As part of the Scottish Government Action Plan for Supported Employment, all Supported Employment Workers are required to work to a competency framework supported by accredited qualifications.

This qualification will provide an opportunity for Supported Employment employees to obtain a work-related qualification to enhance their skills while in employment.  The group award will enable staff working in Supported Employment to evidence their knowledge in their respective job roles; provide opportunities for career progression and for continuous professional development.

The following list is not exclusive but is illustrative of the range of potential staff groups in related sectors to whom this Award may be of value:

Personal Assistants directly employed by people with disabilities and additional support needs/ Education staff — (school) teaching staff, guidance staff, classroom assistants, family support liaison workers FE College staff/ Careers Advisors/ Advice and Guidance staff/Counsellors/ NHS clinical and administrative staff/ Social work staff — including through-care and aftercare workers/Housing staff and benefits advisors/ Home care support staff/Family Liaison Officers/ Vocational rehabilitation staff 


Entry Requirements

This group award is aimed at candidates who are experienced in Supporting Employment service delivery and who have either no other formal qualifications, or hold qualifications in an unrelated area of service delivery.

It is aimed primarily for staff involved in face to face delivery of employment/ work placement opportunities for clients with additional needs.

Entry by informal interview. All candidates will be required to complete a written and basic computing assessment as part of the interview process.


Course Content

The PDA is made up of 4 units;

Supported Employment Practice: Values and Principles

Supported Employment Practice: Engaging with the Client

Supported Employment Practice: On and off the job support

Supported Employment Practice: Promoting Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

The course is delivered through  blended learning, with a mixture of face to face classes based in Glasgow and online delivery. Candidates may require to be released from their employment for 8 - 9 days (typically 2 days at the start of the course, followed by regular day release throughout the course) during the course and should discuss the course with their employer before applying. Candidates will be required to make their own arrangements for travel to and from Stow’s Cowcaddens Campus in Glasgow and overnight accommodation if required. Candidates will require regular computer and internet access for the online sections of the course, either in the workplace or at home.


Candidates may be eligible for part time funding from SAAS to cover the course fees – eligibility will depend on individual circumstances and further information is available here

You will be able to apply online for this course from 26 January 2015.

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6 months
January 2014 - June 2014
6 Hours - 1 day per week

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Level 8 PDA

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