Higher Physics

This Course is suitable if you are unsure of the route you want to take and would like to get some qualifications or if you require an SQA Higher to progress to your chosen Degree or HND.

Assessment Process

3 Internal Assessment and Prelim

Each unit has ONE written closed book assessment. ONE  laboratory report based on a prescribed practical activity is also required.  It is essential that passes are achieved in all internal unit assessments before presentation for the external examination.

Prelim exam is undertaken in March.  The results of this examination are used to estimate potential grade in the external examination.

1 External Assessment

The external examination assesses the content of the 3 compulsory units.

Materials required

A textbook, scientific calculator and a lab coat will be required.

Entry Requirements

Standard Grade 1or 2 Credit, Intermediate 2 A or B

Mature students will be considered for entry based on previous knowledge/experience.

Course Content

The course in Physics is made up of three internal units, which are detailed below:

  • Unit 1 Vectors/Equations of Motion, Newton’s Second Law, Momentum and Impulse, Density and Pressure/Gas Laws, Uncertainties
  • Unit 2 Electric Fields and Resistors in Circuits, Alternating Current and Voltage, Capacitance, Analogue Electronics
  • Unit 3 Waves, Refraction of Light, Optoelectronics and Semi-conductors, Nuclear Reactions, Dosimetry and Safety
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1 Academic Year
August - June
6 hours per week

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