Dance: NC - Springburn Campus

This programme of NC units introduces the students to a range of Dance skills. As well as introducing the practical skills associated with Dance, theoretical concepts will also be introduced allowing progression to further levels of study. The course develops communication and IT skills and enables students to gain a working practical knowledge in a variety of performance areas. Successful completion may enable students to enter HND Dance, HND Acting and Performance or HND Musical Theatre courses.

(SCQF Level 6)


Entry Requirements

By audition.

Appropriate educational qualifications are preferred but this will not be a barrier to candidates if they display the potential and enthusiasm required for a course in dance.


Course Content

Dance: Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Classical; Choreography; Appreciation of Dance; Human Physiology; Acting/Drama Skills; Audition Techniques; Communications; IT Skills.


You will be able to apply online for this course from 26 January 2015.

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1 academic years
August - June
21 hours

Can lead to:
HND Dance, HND Musical Theatre, HND Acting and Performance.

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