Students' Association

Students' Association

Stow’s students are engaged members of the college community and are represented on every college committee from the Board of Management down.

All students are members of the Students’ Association and members of the National Union of Students (unless they opt out).

Class representatives and all interested Learners are welcome to come to the fortnightly Students’ Association lunchtime meetings and participate in the process of engagement with the College by joining in the work of the Association.

You don’t have to be a rep to be there but in case of a vote, it’s one vote per class!

From this meeting members are elected for the Learning and Teaching Council and the Performance Monitoring Committee.

The President and Vice-President are active members of the Board, the governing body of the College and provide a potent student voice for strategic decision making.

The Students’ Association Executive is comprised of the members of these committees who are able to work alongside members of the CEC to create a student centred college where the learners shape the life and work of the College as well as its learning and teaching.  

Students Association Office is in Room G9 on the ground floor and we can be contacted on


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Collect your new card from the Students Association Office.


Student Representatives Course

This is a course for those of you who are class representatives or who might want to be a rep in the future and will run in February 2013.  For more details click HERE