Procurement Opportunities

Stow College is committed to obtaining value for money in all its procurement activities and ensuring that the procurement of goods, services and works adheres to the College's Procurement Strategy and Financial Regulations.
Procurement Strategy
The Procurement Strategy is incorporated into the colleges Financial Procedures and Regulations, which is endorsed by the Board of Management, sets out the strategy for Stow College. The strategy is subject to ongoing development and shall evolve in line with sectoral, regional and national procurement initiatives. A copy of the Procurement Strategy can be found HERE

Procurement Structure
Procurement within the College is devolved into departments. However, the overall remit of procurement is structured as follows:
Mike Lofthouse             Assistant Principal                     0141 564 7207
Louise McElroy             PA to Assistant Principal           0141 564 7272    
Stow College is a member of Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC) Ltd which is the Procurement Centre of Expertise for 62 Universities and Colleges. APUC Ltd works collaboratively with Universities and Colleges in setting up contracts on behalf of the Higher and Further Education Sectors in Scotland. Stow College makes appropriate use of these contracts. The APUC account manager dedicated to support Stow College is Yvonne Dalgarno, 0131 442 8944
The College also has access to the following:
  • National Higher and Further Education Contracts;
  • Scottish Public Sector Contracts established by Scottish Procurement (Scottish Procurement and Commercial Directorate;
  • Government Procurement Service (formerly Buying Solutions) Contracts.
Where the College requires goods, services or works that are not covered by agreements set up by the above, the College complies with the following procedure:

Finance Limit

APUC Contract

Approved College Suppliers



£5,000 - £9,999

Any APUC supplier

Use approved supplier



£10,000 -£19,999

Any APUC supplier

Use approved supplier

3 quotes via Quick Quote


£20,000 – £49,999

Where there are several suppliers 3 quotes or mini tender

Use approved supplier

A minimum of 3 quotes from the advertising process







* Public Contracts Scotland Advertising Portal (PCS)
Stow College advertises all tenders above £50,000 through the Public Contracts Scotland Advertising Portal The Advertising Portal may also be used for smaller value tenders and/or quick quotes.
Suppliers are required to complete a brief self-registration process through the Portal.

The College has implemented the Scottish Government's PECOS system for electronically procuring goods and services under specific contracts.

Sustainable Procurement
Sustainable Procurement is defined as 'a process whereby organisations meet their needs for goods, services, works and utilities in a way that achieves value for money on a whole life basis and generates benefits not only to the organisation, but also to society, the economy and the environment'.
Stow College is committed to achieving sustainable procurement by:
  • having a dedicated senior management champion responsible for delivering a plan for sustainable procurement for Stow College linked to the achievement levels as set out in the Flexible Framework;
  • committing to the Suppliers’ Charter,
  • considering the whole life cost of goods and services procured;
  • considering the environmental and social impact of goods and services in the tender process;
  • communicating and promoting sustainability to all employees and ensuring that it is included in the tender process where appropriate;
  • using the Public Contracts Scotland Advertising Portal for goods and services above £10,000.

Terms and Conditions 
A sample copy of the Terms and Conditions used by the college may be found HERE. These may be subject to change at the time of tender.

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