Enterprise Thru Music

How do you teach enterprise skills to your pupils?


'With great difficulty' is the answer we usually hear. For the vast majority of young people, the idea of having to learn about 'enterprise' and 'business' simply sounds dull and boring.


On the other hand, for these same youngsters, the music and entertainment industry is a fascinating and exciting area.


So why not provide a learning programme where enterprise skills are acquired and developed by pupils running their own record company? Put simply, make music the magical ingredient that attracts young people to learn about enterprise and business.


This is the formula of the 'Enterprise Thru Music' training programme which has been developed by Stow College, specifically for schools.


The programme taps into young peoples' interest in music. Students set up their own record label, carry out 'X Factor' style auditions of potential artists and ultimately produce a music CD. While they are involved in these highly attractive activities the pupils acquire an understanding of what is involved in running a business. This includes preparing budgets, devising marketing plans, product management, selling skills and graphic design.


The climax of the programme is the high profile launch of the pupils' own record label debut album, a fantastic occasion for the pupils and the school.


Officially supported by legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin and the British record industry trade body, 'Enterprise Thru Music' is a fully stand-alone learning resource comprising tutor and learning packs to support the pupils' learning experience.


'Enterprise Thru Music' has already been piloted in several schools and has been highly praised.


"The best enterprise learning experience in schools today" Kevin Sweeney, Govan High.  


"The best enterprise training product I have ever seen" Stuart Rousen, Careers Scotland.


"I just wish something like this was offered when I was at school" Sir George Martin.


'Enterprise Thru Music' is now being made available to schools throughout Scotland. To find out more about this exciting initiative and what it could do for your school, please contact our Business Development Team Leader Douglas Thomson as soon as possible (Tel: 0844 249 8585 or Email: dthomson@stow.ac.uk).