Studying At Stow

For over 75 years now, Stow College has been at the heart of the city of Glasgow, providing education and opportunity first locally, but increasingly nationally and internationally. 


If you are an international student, thinking about coming to Scotland to pursue your career dreams, Stow may well be the right place for you. Our list of courses shows the exciting and very relevant range of learning opportunities available. This section of our website will help you to plan for coming to Stow, tell you some more about why you should think about the college route to education and help you to settle into a new and unfamiliar life with less stress and fewer challenges.


Deciding to go overseas to pursue your education is a big decision. It can mean leaving behind family, friends and a familiar environment, for something new, different and challenging.  We understand that, and we want to help you make the transition as easy as possible. 


Choosing Stow College as your location for learning means that you can be confident about the quality of the services you’ll receive. 


Like all colleges in Scotland, Stow is regularly reviewed by Education Scotland and their reports are published on their website. This is referred to as Educational Oversight and is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a Tier 4 Sponsorship licence.


We are also reviewed by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) which is the body that awards your HNC or HND. These reviews are at both ‘system’ level and at ‘subject’ level and Stow has a very strong record of success.


You will find further information on Stow College, Glasgow and Scotland in the Mini Prospectus.


International Courses