31st October, 2011

Interviewing The Staff

What Would You Like To Ask?

As many of you know Stow College writes a weekly Blog to try and help students, staff and the outside world keep up-to-date with any good news, the many activities and frequent events taking place in the college.

We would now like to develop the Blog more to include information about the college so students feel they know the place a bit more.  So we thought you might like to know more about the staff and what they do for Stow and plan to include a short interview with a different staff member every other week.  We will start this after the Christmas break.

This is where you come in.  We need to know what you want us to ask.  It can be anything from what they do on a day-to-day basis or what their favourite take-away is.  It's up to you ..... nothing too personal though!!!

If you have a question or two you want us to ask or if you have a suggestion for other things we can include in the Blog, then please email Tracey Borland or alternatively you can post the question on our Facebook Page and we'll note it down.

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