15th February, 2012

Business star of the future shines

Thanks to Stow College

An entrepreneur of the future is hoping to become the next big thing in the Chinese business world thanks to Stow College.

Cherry Tsui Cheuk Hei is only 17 years old but has already set her sights on big things.

The teenager arrived a year ago in Scotland, alone and scared, but thanks to support from Stow College’s International Development team, she’s become one of the college’s brightest stars.

Cherry said: “I was only 16 when I left Hong Kong last August. I decided to study Business and I was told the UK had a great reputation in this area.

“It was the first time I’d travelled abroad and the first time I had left my family so I was really frightened.

“When I arrived in Scotland I was living with an English speaking flatmate and studied in a class full of English speakers so I felt really alone as my language skills weren’t great.”

At this point staff at Stow College - which has one of the highest percentages of international students in Scotland - stepped in to help the young student.

“I was moved into a class which was almost entirely made up of international students. There were people from China, India, Pakistan and even farther afield. Most are from Asia so we had a common bond. It felt incredibly welcoming.”

The college also moved Cherry to new accommodation living with a Chinese family.

“The family speaks Cantonese so I can speak my own language at home. There are also two teenage girls in the family so I can talk to them and feel like their sister. It feels now like a home-from-home.”

Cherry is now one of the brightest stars in her class and is hoping to study for a business degree at a Scottish university once she completes her HND at Stow College.

“My next step is learning even more here in Scotland. After that I hope to return to Hong Kong and use the business knowledge and skills I’ve gained here.

“I would recommend Stow College as a place to study, especially in Business Studies. Back home the style of teaching is very serious and old-fashioned. Here, the teaching is relaxed and friendly. You really feel as if you’re learning from experts who want you to do well. It’s also helped me so much with my English skills, which I know will come in handy in the business world.”

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