Ruby on Rails - Web Development

This is an introduction to the Ruby on Rails web development framework. Ruby on Rails used to develop interactive database driven websites.

Ruby on Rails has become popular because of the speed with which these kinds of applications can be developed. As a result, it is popular with technology start-ups and large technology companies such as Amazon, Twitter, and the BBC.

The Stow College Ruby on Rails course is listed on the ILA Scotland website and any eligible candidate may choose to use his/her ILA against the course fee.

Entry Requirements

A basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming, Database Design and HTML is desireable.

Course Content

This will be a practical course which will see each student building his or her own web-application from scratch. In particular students will learn:


  • The architecture of ruby on rails applications
  • How to design and build a database using rails migrations
  • How to program in the ruby programming language
  • How to leverage plugins / libraries to simplify common tasks
  • How to create secure user logins and authentications
  • RESTful web services


When you submit an application on line you will receive an email with a course booking form which has to be completed to reserve a place on the course.

Start dates
9th September 2013, 13th January 2014, 28th April 2014

8 Evenings
24 hours

Can lead to:
Students may progress to further web development / computing training.

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