Positive Dementia Care Level 2

The course is a home learning programme, fully supported by Stow College.  Support is provided by a tutor, responsible for assignments and assessments (as appropriate).  The tutor responds and communicates with the learner in the way the learner chooses, and can be by email, telephone and regular written communication.  Guidance is provided by the tutor, as required.


Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements.

Course Content

The accredited Certificate in Positive Dementia Care will benefit those working in the care environment, such as nurses, residential care or domiciliary workers and particularly individuals who work with people with dementia on a daily basis.


It is designed to provide the learner with the essential knowledge and skills required to enable them to offer the best professional approach to caring for people with dementia.  It offers keen insights into the “Person Centred Care” philosophy, expounded by Professor Kitwood.


The course consists of 10 modules:


  • Realising feelings matter most in dementia care.
  • Understanding dementia and the brain.
  • Valuing a person’s well-being.
  • Working positively with a person’s disability.
  • Becoming a person-centred dementia care worker.
  • Communicating with a person with dementia through feelings.
  • Focusing on the person when providing personal care.
  • Creating a positive, meaningful and active day.
  • Appreciating how behaviours link to feelings.
  • Applying person-centred care


Flexible start date - Flexible end date

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