Adults At Risk Level 2

The course is a home learning programme, fully supported by Stow College.  Support is provided by a tutor, responsible for assignments and assessments (as appropriate).  The tutor responds and communicates with the learner in the way the learner chooses, and can be by email, telephone and regular written communication.  Guidance is provided by the tutor, as required.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements.

Course Content

The award aims to improve the learner’s knowledge and understanding for the safeguarding of adults at risk:


  • To understand the roles and responsibilities and accountability of all those involved in safeguarding vulnerable adults
  • To recognise those at risk and the types of abuse and harm


The award is ideal for those who work, or who are planning to work, in an environment where there is direct contact with vulnerable adults. It is particularly suitable for carers and nursing staff.


There are 4 mandatory modules:


  • Module 1 – What is “Adults At Risk”?
  • Module 2 – Understanding Abuse and Neglect
  • Module 3 – Understanding the Importance of Communication in Care
  • Module 4 – Understanding Challenging Behaviour


Flexible start date - Flexible end date

Can lead to:
Other courses available in a similar field of training.

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